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About Our Potlatch Store

In Potlatch, Idaho, on Sixth St is our latest NAPA store location with a down to earth team ready to assist with quality service. We offer local online order pickup, and a quality in-store experience. Our featured brands include: NAPA, Trico, Milwaukee, Craftsman, DeWalt, Valvoline, and much more!
For quality parts, down to earth service, and the NAPA Know-How, visit us today!

Meet Our Staff

NAPA | Kuhl Auto Parts Employee | Team Member

Chris Johannes

Chris was born and raised in Minnesota. He worked at the Pullman NAPA location for several years, and was promoted to be the store manager in Potlatch in November of 2020. Chris enjoys fishing, camping, snowboarding, hiking with his dog and just being outdoors. He enjoys working on his car and project cars with friends.
NAPA | Kuhl Auto Parts Employee | Team Member

Loriann Wheatley

Loriann’s family has been in the Potlatch area for over 6 generations. She says, “Our turn on the ranch started in 1986. I have two grown children, one girl and one boy. I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, my various pets, and meeting new friends. I have enjoyed many careers dealing with customer service, and the best part is always my customers!”

NAPA | Kuhl Auto Parts Employee | Team Member

Bob Marr

Bob is originally from Lewiston, ID. His family moved to Potlatch in 1980, and he followed in 1991. Bob is semi-retired, and has 2 adult sons. He enjoys travel, outdoor activities, and photography. Bob is also a trained shooting-sports instructor for the NRA and Scouts. He has worked at the store for about 5 years, and enjoys working on and maintaining his own vehicles and equipment.
NAPA | Kuhl Auto Parts Employee | Team Member

Clifford Northrup

Clifford was born in Lewiston, ID, and raised in Priest River. He is an Army veteran, and has been married to his wife for 33 years. Clifford and his wife enjoy spending time with their four grown daughters. He loves to go on adventures with his sweetheart, and enjoys working on old cars and trucks, and sharing the things he’s learned about them.

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